‘The Blessed Hope’ Jason Cole – Jun 6, 2021
Jason Cole   -  

Church on the Couch – 10 am Sunday

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:27 Contact & Giving Information

00:02:19 Prayer for service & viewers

00:03:05 Worship service

00:17:47 Sermon

00:20:07 God is sovereign and He is coming back for us

00:21:03 Endure in the strength of the Holy Spirit

00:24:49 Scripture Reading John 14:1-4

00:25:35 Lord is coming back to bring us to a prepared place

00:28:20 God is sovereign, He is coming back for us, so let’s endure!

00:35:00 A Call To Salvation

00:37:01 Let’s Pray

00:38:54 All Referenced Scripture Listed