‘Sufficient for Faith and Practice’ Jason Cole – Aug 8, 2021
Jason Cole   -  

Join us for Church on the Couch with Jason Cole as he explains how to understand the Bible so we can know for sure it is “Sufficient For Faith & Practice.”

We’re also meeting in person!

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:40 Prayer for service & viewers

00:16:43 Ministry & Preaching

00:17:19 What To Know: How to interpret and understand the Bible

00:20:11 Eisegesis – what is it?

00:27:28 The Bible is infallible

00:27:48 The Bible is inerrant

00:27:56 The Bible is sufficient

00:45:07 How To feel: God WANTS to communicate with us

00:47:52 What To Do: Grow your relationship with God by putting His words into action

00:48:58 All Referenced Scripture Listed