‘Just One More’ Emma Batumbya – Aug 1, 2021
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Join us for Church On The Couch with Pastor Emma Batumbya as he tells how God has “Just One More” for us.

Premieres 10am Sunday! Open for in-person services as well! Visit the Regal Missions Facebook page to help Bayside Camp! https://www.facebook.com/Regal-Missio…

00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:54 Contact & Giving Information

00:01:26 Bayside Camp Fundraiser

00:02:31 Welcome Shauna!

00:03:55 Worship Service

00:15:47 Ministry & Preaching

00:19:16 Reading Luke 13:6-9

00:21:22 Point 1: We Belong To God

00:24:28 Point 2: God Expects Fruit, Good Fruit

00:30:37 Fruits are for sharing!

00:32:22 We Serve A Merciful God

00:39:25 All Referenced Scripture