‘It’s Time To Stretch’ Emma Batumbya – Jul 25, 2021
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Join us again for Church On The Couch as Pastor Emma Batumbya encourages us “It’s Time To Stretch!”

Premieres 10 am Sunday In Person Church also available at 10 am

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:14 Contact & Giving Information

00:01:57 Prayer For Service

00:02:52 Worship Service

00:16:51 Ministry & Preaching

00:17:42 Jesus made a pattern of miracles

00:28:06 The right place

00:29:25 Facing impossibilities

00:32:15 Responding to the Lord’s command

00:38:42 YOU are tremendously important to God

00:40:11 Payer in response to the ministry and for the viewers

00:41:20 All referenced Scripture listed