‘Communion Together’ Apr 9, 2020 – Jason Cole
Jason Cole   -  

Tonight is the night we commemorate Jesus teaching us communion as they celebrated the Passover feast. We too will celebrate communion tonight at each of our suppers.  Here we have a devotional on our Facebook page and YouTube channel with instructions on how your household (whether 1 or many – you may video link with others for this) will lead your own communion, that’s right, you will lead this, just as each household ate and prayed while quarantined waiting for the 10th plague in Egypt to pass over.  So while we are in quarantine at home and waiting for a different plague to pass over, we can rejoice that because of the blood of the lamb, the wrath of God will pass over each and every one of us who believe. INSTRUCTIONS:-Watch devotional video before you start preparing your supper.  Contemplate the devotional and pray while preparing your Passover meal.-have bread and any drink available for the beginning of your meal.  If you are out of bread, you may substitute with whatever may work.  This heart is what counts.-Gather at the table as when you say grace, communion is our prayer of grace tonight-Read 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 and then pray, thanking God for Jesus broken body and spilled blood so that we could be forgiven.  Thank him for your household and provision of food.  Eat the bread and cup together.  Have a beautiful Passover dinner.  You can have more than one person read and pray. Extra: Read Exodus 12:1-42 and discuss as a family all these events (or video call a fellow believer).